Milaura is an international fashion brand offering, timeless, effortless, no-logo elegance, peppered by ironic and playful touches.

Established in 2015 by Laura Poretti, who features a 30-year experience in the fashion merchandising and design sector, Milaura found its first expression in a sort of cabinet of curiosities located in the heart of Brera. The store quickly became a hip shopping destination in Milan thanks to the unique and exclu- sive brand mix, which reflects Laura’s passion for the research of new labels and products.

Ready-to-wear, accessories and gadgets, which, while preserving the specific identity of each brand scouted by Laura across the globe, translate a merchandising strategy enabling Laura to offer in her store only items which are in line with the Milaura signature style: modern, elegant and playfully eccen- tric.

Along with 250 international brands, Laura presents her Milaura capsule collection, including women’s wear staples designed for every occasion. Cashmere knitwear enriched by graphic color combinations, leather and suede pants and jackets, coats embellished with fur details, versatile striped shirts, as well as shoppers, T-shirts and gadgets featuring the brand’s logo – a playful tiny doll with sunglasses, - and Laura’s mottos, such as “Smile is my super power”, expressing her positive attitude toward life.

In 2019, Milaura brought her company to the next level by opening a large 450 mq store located on Corso Garibaldi, right in front of the former location.

With the new store, Laura aims to make Milaura an iconic destination in the global retail scenario thanks to its unique and exclusive brand mix and the Milaura capsule collection, updating the codes of the signature Milanese discreet elegance with a modern, essential twist.

More then just a store, the new Milaura venue is a platform to launch new brands and a dynamic, bub- bling meeting point where guests can discover new projects and experiment with fashion.

A natural extension of the Milaura world, the online store and the social media accounts not only offer the brand’s products, but also reveal a story rooted in passion and friendship. The protagonists are the“Milaura’s Friends”, who pose in front of the photographer’s camera to showcase the Milaura style, defined by elegance, refinement and, most of all, special details.

Laura strongly believes in the potentials of the digital world to reach an international audience. For this reason, in October, Milaura will inaugurate a new website, featuring an aesthetic reflecting the concept of the store and a range of innovative contents.

A declaration of love and trust to its city, Laura combined Milan with her own name creating the Milaura _ Milano Dress Code brand with the desire to bring the Milanese aesthetic, filtered by her personal lens, around the world.

The Milaura doll is on the go!