Laura Poretti, founder of the Milaura brand, is a mother, a wife and a manager, who, develops her entrepreneurial dream with passion and enthusiasm

Born and raised in Milan, where she graduated in Economics and Business at the Bocconi University, Laura, passionate about fashion since the childhood, matured several experiences in Italy and abroad which lead her to cover executive roles in prestigious fashion companies.

After 30 years managing and developing the design, merchandising and retail areas of international brands, in 2015 Laura was captured by a small space on Corso Garibaldi, where the Milaura adventure kicked off.

Milaura is a fashion brand combining luxury, uniqueness and exclusivity, peppered by a joyful and ironic touch, which defines Laura’s own personality.

Epitomizing her independent, sunny and a tab rebellious spirit, Laura drew “Milaura,” a playful little doll, which is the logo of the brand and which reflects the fun and effortless soul of the project, designed in the image and likeness of its founder.

Every season, Laura passionately travels around the world to discover new brands and products for her Milan’s store, which in September 2019 relocated in a large 450 mq venue on Corso Garibaldi, right in front of the brand’s former shop. Along with 250 international labels, Laura also offers a Milaura capsule collection, carrying iconic, versatile items, reflecting the most authentic spirit of a metropolitan, discreet, refined elegance, which is deeply rooted in the Milanese aesthetic but is conceived for diverse, international customers.

Family and Friends are the pillars of Laura’s life. They give her the energy, support and positivity she needs to develop her entrepreneurial project and at the same time to show her three little girls that with passion and determination dreams can become true.