“Milaura is my half, my playful side and totally free, I designed and I guess so. I liked the idea to defuse the fashion turning me into a cartoon character. Milaura is a doll disheveled and ironic that became the logo concept store and label pieces that project.

He was born almost everything to play, when I fell in love with this location, I followed my instinct and I decided to create the shop that I always wanted to find: Milaura, a name that underlines my membership in Milan, dreaming of a future in large around the world.

An original space and innovative, sophisticated and engaging, international soul, able to arouse curiosity and emotion. A container of forms, details and colors where continually discover something different and unique, to transform shopping into a very special moment, surprising, engaging and never boring.

It is a project in which I got in the game in the first person, from the choice of every single piece of furniture to the selection of each garment, accessory and complement.

Milaura's me, is my taste and aesthetic sensitivity gained in over 25 years of fashion in large companies, working on style, product, image and merchandising.

Shopping for Passion and Passion for Uniqueness are the two great inspirations that led me to invent this concept store exclusive and dynamic, where the style and research meet the playful spirit of fun and absolutely unique gift ideas and never equal to themselves. Because the real luxury is uniqueness and the elegance is always transversal.

Laura Poretti
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Milaura is a concept store with an international and innovative soul, selling the Milaura label and more than 100 other brands coming from all over the world. The store is positioned in Milan, in Corso Garibaldi. It evolved from the idea and expertise of Laura Poretti, who has been working in the fashion industry for the past 20 years. The most popular brands sold include: Sofie D’ Hoore, Lemaire, Jejia, Jupe by Jackie, Dusan, Sandrine Vrancken, Il by Saori Komatsu.