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Nico Giani collection, by designer Niccolò Giannini, a Polimoda graduate in pattern-making, with a specialisation in fashion design at the Studio Berçot in Paris, and a Masters at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. Resulting in a search for great impact through compact designs, his pieces represent a tribute to geometry and colour. His pieces contain their designer’s character: gritty and dynamic, but with a soft touch, and on a more intimate level, they exude the immediacy and strength which his formative years generated in his inspiration.

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Milaura is a concept store with an international and innovative soul, selling the Milaura label and more than 100 other brands coming from all over the world. The store is positioned in Milan, in Corso Garibaldi. It evolved from the idea and expertise of Laura Poretti, who has been working in the fashion industry for the past 20 years. The most popular brands sold include: Sofie D’ Hoore, Lemaire, Jejia, Jupe by Jackie, Dusan, Sandrine Vrancken, Il by Saori Komatsu.